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College and Career Ready
Cover of College and Career Ready
College and Career Ready
Helping All Students Succeed Beyond High School
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Giving students the tools they need to succeed in college and work College and Career Ready offers educators a blueprint for improving high school so that more students are able to excel in...
Giving students the tools they need to succeed in college and work College and Career Ready offers educators a blueprint for improving high school so that more students are able to excel in...
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  • Giving students the tools they need to succeed in college and work

    College and Career Ready offers educators a blueprint for improving high school so that more students are able to excel in freshman-level college courses or entry-level jobs-laying a solid foundation for lifelong growth and success. The book is filled with detailed, practical guidelines and case descriptions of what the best high schools are doing.

  • Includes clear guidelines for high school faculty to adapt their programs of instruction in the direction of enhanced college/career readiness
  • Provides practical strategies for improving students' content knowledge and academic behaviors
  • Offers examples of best practices and research-based recommendations for change
  • The book considers the impact of behavioral issues-such as time management and study habits-as well as academic skills on college readiness.

About the Author-

  • David T. Conley is professor of Educational Policy and Leadership at the University of Oregon; founder and director of the Center for Educational Policy Research at the University of Oregon; and founder and CEO of the Educational Policy Improvement Center in Eugene, Oregon. For more information, go to www.CollegeCareerReady.org or www.epiconline.org.

Table of Contents-

  • Preface vii

    Acknowledgments xiii

    About the Author xv

    Introduction 1

    Should and Can Today's High Schools Prepare All Students for College and Careers?

    College Ready and Work Ready: One and the Same?

    The New Challenge

    What We Mean by "Ready for College and Careers"

    Part One: Redefining College and Career Readiness

    1 The Four Key Dimensions of College and Career Readiness 19

    General Elements of a More Comprehensive Defi nition of College and Career Readiness

    Current Means to Determine College and Career Readiness

    An Examination of the Four Dimensions of College and Career Readiness

    Differences Between High School and College Courses

    Operational Examples of College Readiness

    2 Ways to Develop Key Cognitive Strategies and Key Content Knowledge 53

    Focusing on the "Big Ideas"

    Aligning Courses and Expectations Between High School and College

    Formative Assessment for College Readiness

    3 Ways to Develop Self-Management Skills and "College Knowledge" 72

    Elements of Self-Management "College Knowledge"—Contextual Skills and Awareness

    4 Key Principles of College and Career Readiness 104

    Principle 1: Create and Maintain a College-Going Culture in the School

    Principle 2: Create a Core Academic Program Aligned with and Leading to College Readiness by the End of Twelfth Grade

    Principle 3: Teach Key Self-Management Skills and Academic Behaviors and Expect Students to Use Them

    Principle 4: Make College and Careers Real by Helping Students Manage the Complexity of Preparing for and Applying to Postsecondary Education

    Principle 5: Create Assignments and Grading Policies That More Closely Approximate College Expectations Each Successive Year of High School

    Principle 6: Make the Senior Year Meaningful and Appropriately Challenging

    Principle 7: Build Partnerships with and Connections to Postsecondary Programs and Institutions

    5 Case Studies of Schools That Succeed 133

    Alternative School: University Park Campus School, Worcester, Massachusetts

    Magnet School: Fenway High School, Boston, Massachusetts

    Comprehensive High School: Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village, Colorado

    Charter School: Minnesota New Country School, Henderson, Minnesota

    Early College High School: Manhattan Hunter Science High School, New York, New York

    Comprehensive High School: Garland High School, Garland, Texas

    Magnet School: Polytech High School, Woodside, Delaware

    Private School: Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Chicago, Illinois

    6 Putting It All Together 176

    Develop a Profi le of the School's College Readiness Capacity

    Identify Outcome Measures of Success

    Assess the District Capacity to Support Improvements

    Institute Specific Programs to Address the Four Dimensions of College and Career Readiness

    Institute Professional Development to Support College Readiness

    Recognize the Importance of Culture and Change Culture

    Gauge the Progress of Changes in the High School

    What Are the Eff ects on Student Performance in College?

    Part Two: Steps on the Road to Readiness

    7 Steps High Schools Are Taking to Make More Students College and Career Ready 205

    Small Schools and High School Conversions

    Career Academies

    Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Programs

    Early College High Schools

    Dual Credit

    Learning from the New Models

    8 Steps States Are Taking to Make...

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College and Career Ready
College and Career Ready
Helping All Students Succeed Beyond High School
David T. Conley
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College and Career Ready
College and Career Ready
Helping All Students Succeed Beyond High School
David T. Conley
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